TDSMAN Online has a friendly pricing. One can either opt for pricing on per Return basis or alternatively may opt for ‘Packaged Pricing’ for multiple returns where it has a lower cost per return. The tariff for both options are provided below:

Regular Price

The cost of each Regular TDS Return or Correction Statement is determined based the number of Deductee records contained in. The charges for both TDS Returns and Correction Statement is as under:

TDS Returns

No. of Deductee Price
Upto 25 Rs. 299
26 to 250 Rs. 499
251 to 1000 Rs. 799
1001 to 2500 Rs. 1199
Above 2500 Rs. 1199 +
Rs. 150 for every 500 deductee records or part thereof

TDS Correction Statement

No. of Correction in Deductee Records Price
Upto 50 Rs. 399
51 to 250 Rs. 699
251 to 1000 Rs. 1099
Above 1000 Rs. 1099 +
Rs. 200 for every 500 deductee records or part thereof

Package Price

Each package allows multiple TDS Return or Correction Statement at a price which is limited by number of Returns and consolidated number of Deductee Records. Current package plans are as under:

Package Plan

Plan Name No. of Returns No. of Deductee Price
A-5-250 5 250 Rs. 1000
A-10-1K 10 1000 Rs. 1750
A-25-4K 25 4000 Rs. 3000
A-40-10K 40 10000 Rs. 4400
  • Notes:
  • Validity of each plan is for 365 days.
  • The ‘No. of Returns’ includes both TDS Returns & Correction Statements. The ‘No. of Records’ is the consolidated sum of records for all Returns together.
  • At any point one can opt for ‘Packaged Price’ – any credit balance will be adjusted with the cost of package price. Importantly, one cannot opt for package which is priced lower than the credit balance.
  • One can move to ‘Regular Price’ only after fully consuming the number of Returns or Deductees or validity of plan has expired.
  • There is provision of ‘Top-up’ for adding more ‘Returns’ to the package – this would increase ‘Return’ count and ‘Deductee’ count in the same ratio.
  • At any time, one can upgrade to higher package, by paying the price difference.